Where Your Donations Go

100% of profits raised from Brightona’s events are donated to purchase medical equipment for hospitals and individuals.

Some of the state of the art items purchased include:

  • Four high tech hospital which allows people to have an angiogram through the arm rather than the leg as they can sit on the chair rather than lay on the bed.
  • An electric couch for use of the less-abled people when they have a cardiac test.
  • Refurbishment of the Cardiac Day Unit.
  • A Harmonic Scalpel (to simultaneously cut and coagulate tissues during surgery procedures).
  • An Optical Coherence Tomography Machine (optical ultrasound, which delivers live sub-surface images at near microscopic resolution, Instant direct tissue imaging and requires no preparation of the sample or subject and no ionizing).
  • A Vimidex Ultrasound Simulator which will be used as a training aid enabling staff to perform the majority of the early echo training off-patient.

Here are some examples of how your donations improve lives. Please make your donation today HERE

Vimidex Ultrasound Simulator
Brightona donates £45,000 Brightona donates £45,000 towards a new ultrasound training simulator called VIMEDIX. This ...
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Brightona Donates £45,000
Saving Lifes! Brightona donates £45,000 towards a new ultrasound training simulator called VIMEDIX. This high ...
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Hospital Beds
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Levitronix CentriMag LVAS
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